The beauty of screen

How to launch analyses in background on a *nix system ? You can use the « & » at the end of your command, but the screen output of your analyses will be messy and you cannot close your session. You also can use the batch command but you will lose the screen output and there will be no way to interact with your software. To my mind, the best alternative is the use of the screen command, which is detailled in this article.

To use your favorite cpu-intensive software, use the following command:


Then, you will start with a new fresh shell session and in this session, you can launch your analysis. When it’s done, type « Ctrl-A Ctrl-D » to detached your screen: you will go back to your old shell session that launched the screen session. Now, you can log out.

After a while, to reconnect to your « screen » session, use the command:

screen -list
There are screens on:
3199.pts-1.server (Detached)
3248.pts-1.server (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-user

So, to attach to the session on « 3199.pts-1.server », just type:

screen -r 3199.pts-1.server

and that’s it! When your job is done, you can leave your screen session by typing « Ctrl-D »… Don’t forget to read the man page for further details on this « magic » command.